It’s a desolate feeling. It could carve you inside out and leave a deep, dark hole where your heart should be and suddenly the sea is dripping out of your eyes and down the softness of your cheeks.

It’s the feeling of loneliness in the big bad world and the cries of the broken are too hurtful to bear because who once was strong is now struck down and who once believed is now faithless.

Hope is a deceiving emotion, yet you still cling to it. The sun will peek out for behind the grey facade every once and awhile and things will be brighter once more.

And the world will seem just a little better.

Only if you hold on. Only if you keep believing.

You will be okay, and the scars will fade away with the memories and you will be left with all the happiness in the world. Just hang in there, and keep on moving forward.


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