I want to fall in love
At a coffee shop
With your lips moving
Against a mug

I want to meet you
For the first time
In the wild streets
Of the city

I want to find you
In the tall grass
Lying there with your straw hat
And me in my long skirt

I want to see you
At an old record store
Sifting through music that sings
To my heart

I want to crash into you
In the middle of the hall
Five minutes till class starts
While you help me with my books

I want to count the stars with you
From the riverside
Wrapped in blankets and grass
As we laugh till the first light of dawn

I want to lie with you
In the dead of night
The scent of you, only you
The only thing on my mind

But most of all
I want to be the first one
To see your face every morning
And the last one
To call you mine


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