Row upon row of shiny masks lined the walls, all staring him down with blank eyes and not an expression to their design; however, he still couldn’t help but feel as if it were eerie.

“These were all people I knew.” Know, he corrected himself. He walked through the hall, examining the plain masks half-heartedly, but he still recognized every one of them.

“People I used to call friends. People I still call friends.” All along he already knew, but seeing it now just made everything feel new.

The fake masks that were the faces. He didn’t feel sad; hollow maybe, but not sad.

A smile reached the edges of his lips. He was amused, to be honest. A chuckle came from him and that chuckle became quiet laughter, echoing out and bouncing off the walls of the hall.

“How sad it must be, indeed. Plastic masks and plastic people.” He grinned. “I will make them break.”


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