Was it quite impossible, to find love like this?

Did the beat in her heart be the sound of a chisel, pounding at her ribs?

Her chest ached and her mind hurt and her eyes stung from the tears.

It was hard to believe you could find love like this.

Where the prince would come and sweep her off her bruised feet

And place a tiara on her sore head and whisper lovely words in her tired ears.

That he would love her with the universe in his eyes and her name forever on his tongue.

Words hurt and words mattered. He doesn’t even know of these things,

These little things she did in the early hours of the morning

Just to vent about how she felt.

He didn’t deserve any of this; no no. But her mind cried for release and she couldn’t help but write about him.

The idiot prince. The mean prince. The unreachable, unattainable prince with a heart of ice.

She was a servant with a fire in her veins that could not be quenched.
And she would stop at nothing than to burn everything in her path.

That also meant that perhaps, just maybe, she could melt his heart too.


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