And the tides shake and the world turns to dust

And I remember you
I remember you standing there in the salty wind and the sun in your face and I remember the words you said to me that day

You were gorgeous and powerful and I can speak so many things of you because you are perfect in almost every way

But as the stars appear one by one and the moon rises in the cerulean blue, I realize just how petty I’ve been

The universe is my true becoming
This life is made of stardust and steel
I was painted by the moonlight and born into this world as chemical reactions

Birthed by emotions and bound by spirit
I’ve been so blind all this time
To believe that life was not more than this

And in this lifetime
I am a porcelain doll
And I am a strong woman

I am a ticking time bomb
And I am a raging wildfire
I am so much more than your words
Or anyone’s words for that matter

The sun sets on a boundless horizon
But the journey never ends there
The night falls and the world reveals the truth about our beginnings, me and you

Peel back this blue expanse and remember
The stars have conspired to
Breathe life into me
So that I may sit here and watch this world beneath their feet.


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