Sweet Tooth

I’m unable to
Feel the things
That I deal with

It seems like
The world is spinning
Like I’m in a
Constant daze

In my mind
I know what’s right
But my heart is hazy
Fogging me up inside

Please let
These feelings pass,
I long for days full
Of honey glaze

Sweet, sugary
Tooth rotting decay-
Let me drown in
Saccharine madness.


The Tightrope

Pouring like
A waterfall
Into a lake

I dance recklessly
Moving on the edge
Of a tightrope ready to

Break, I am trying
To be confident but
I am afraid

The torrent beneath me
Is one I know
Too well

If I should fall
I would surely
Be killed

Will you be there
To catch

The answer to that
Can only be

If I
Truly do


Crimson lipstick
Stained love
Under the guise
Of night

Desperate lovers
In high heels
And cigar ash
Melt their way home

Igniting fires
Within their lusting
In each other’s arms

Entangled in
The moment
With not a breath
To spare.

Blue Year

Rain pours on
Windowpanes in
The middle of fall

Doesn’t matter the season
The weather never stays
The same

Just like your eyes
Shifting from
Spring greens to
Winter hued blues

Encompassing a year
Of emotion
In Christmas lights
Coffee, sand & chrysanthemums

I fell in love
With that year
When you couldn’t
Figure my heart out

The rain is louder now
Pounding like my heart
Against my hollow chest
Like a drowning man

I still can’t seem
To swim
In those eyes of yours;

A year goes by too fast.



Why are you
So bitter,

The salt
On your tongue
Is your fault

Bleed blue
And soak up
Those tears

The moon is
Not so forgiving
To the saltwater tide.


Raging wildfires
In the dead of night
Ashes flicker in the air

My body is torn
Burning up
In flourishing blue flame

I am a light
An overflow of constant
Emotion, forever-

Free in the
Shadows and days
Of my own being

Call unto me
The truth about these flames-
That fire can burn

So bright
Beautiful & shining
That the moon itself
Is envious.

Like You Always Do

Stand up
And walk away
From something

That isn’t real
Push through
The barriers

Of your mind
And believe in
The words

That you, yourself
Only know how
To hear.


I will raise up
My head
Towards a new dawn

Forward facing
Never back
Darker days behind

Love has never been
In the apex of a lover’s

It’s always been
Inside of me
Waiting in the shadows

I just had to
Break myself open
Trying to get to it

Like a fighter
I hit back

With the force
Of self love
And harmony.

Not Broken Yet

With all my might
I will stand
On my own two feet

Fair play is for
The noble
I am not so good

As to lie down
And take
The beatings

These wings
Were not made
To be tied down.

Let Go

A tall standing
Stands in my way

I ought to
Cut you out
But that day

Isn’t today
Stop with
Your tormenting lies

How easy it would be
To let you go
Yet I hang on

Like a fool
When will I